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    Hello Everyone !

    This year to obtain the King’s Crown of the last time, you should need to give everything you have ! The last version "Infinite" was awesome, i expect this year it's gonna be the same !

    The fight will last exactly 72 hours,
    From August 3th 8:00 PM UTC+2 ‘til August 6th 23:59 PM UTC+2.


    Judges :


    Irany / Naoya / Shadox

    Rules :

    - Your AMV should be 1 minute 50 seconds minimum (intro/outro excluded)

    - Every footages are allowed, EVERY ! ANIME, VIDEO GAMES AND MOVIES.
    The possibilities are infinite to win against your opponent !

    - You can participate on your own or as a group, like always.
    The choice is yours, but pick your partners wisely.

    - Use only the songs provided in the packs for the AMV.
    You can use anything for the intro/outro.

    - You gonna send a ddl of your video to one of our jury by private message (Discord, Skype, Forum etc...)
    (Irany, Shadox or Naoya)

    Songs :

    The songs will be available on August 3th 8:00 PM UTC+2.
    This year we chosen to make 3 music packs with 20 songs each (60 songs then).

    - Pack Irany
    - Pack Naoya
    - Pack Shadox

    In these packs, different styles of music will be available for all to enjoy.

    Ranking :

    - Coliseum (everyone is invited)
    - Elite Squad (only MEP's will be ranked)
    - Last Warriors (only SOLO's will be ranked)

    Please register on this topic to sign up for the IC !


    Registration (Not required, you can just send your vid at the last moment) :

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    Okay i cant read french so i'm not registering but i'll send you the vid at the moment xD
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