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    The sky :v.
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    Hiiii o/
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    Truly an outstanding introduction- I'm truly glad i got to read this literary artform in my spare time so that i had the time and mental capacity to fully embrace the deep feelings conveyed by the construction of this simple sentence utilising a title that incorporates not just an often used punctuation mark in its correct form and placement but a modern slang take on the common English slang phrase 'what is up my friend', abbreviated to the simple syllable of 'sup' that can be stated in a simple 3 keyboard strokes and has an binary (ascii code) value of 01110011 01110101 01110000 to create a very minimalist title that brings across the emotional weight of the writer's apathy towards the topic at hand, from context being taken to be the introduction of themselves but also possibly the author's interest in the hobby of creating AMV's- a take on remix culture (possibly a founding linchpin of the concept) that utilises forms of Japanese animated media as a companion to musical pieces, often using custom sync or FX, however not being entirely the case as the title of this very article does not actually describe the purpose towards which it is supposed to exist, but containing a very curious combination of two grammatical devices often used in western literature, being the placement of a colon and a vertical bar in sequential form to very likely bring across the image of an emotionless face, an act often preformed by the digital age invention: emoticons- the use of digital punctuation to create a custom image that most often serves the purpose of adding emotion to text, commonly used in humorous messages, however here serving to show a disillusion with the need to introduce oneself to the community at hand, but possibly showing a disain for the social norms of this very community and signalling a distaste for the need to write a piece that details the individual's personality and situation.

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    wtf report this (half joke half serious, wtf is this kind of lazy topic, It's not even a good joke XDDDD wtf)
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    Chemtrails man.


    You know the deal.

    It would've been funnier had you not PM'd me and apologized before me even reading this.

    Like I said man, chemtrails!


    I gave the OP a warning and made a note on his account so the other mods and admins know what's up.
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    ¡ɹoʇᴉpǝ ʍollǝɟ 'ɹɐɥʇ olǝɥ ⅄
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    stop hating this is a great post quality 10/10.

    thank u.
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    Sup. I just wanted to say Eidolon is one of my favs
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