Tekko in Wonderland 2018 AMV Contest - Deadline February 25th, 2018 11:59pm EST

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    The Tekko in Wonderland 2018 AMV Contest is now open for submissions! The deadline to fill out an entry form for the contest is end of day in EST, February 25th, 2018. The theme of the convention this year is" Tekko in Wonderland", which makes the AMV Theme Fairy Tales, an AMV done in the style of a fairy tale or using fairy tale characters.

    The Tekko convention website has been updated with 2017 Winners review and updated rules set for the 2018 contest. Please click here to review the official rules page.
    (You have to scroll down a bit on this page, it is the second featured event at Tekko.)

    Also, if you are entering the Tekko contest, we would also encourage you to submit your video entries for the MTAC 18th Battalion AMV Contest, as both are running parallel and share almost all of the same rules as this contest.

    If you have any questions about the contest, please let us know.

    Good luck! :D
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    The first post has been updated with the Tekko website link and rules information.
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    Still around 7-1/2 weeks or so to the deadline, still open to everything, especially the "Fairy Tale" Convention Theme if you have something that fits!

    Again, if you need any advice or assistance with contest entry, please let me know.

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Less than 4-1/2 weeks to go, and we still have plenty of room for video entries in all categories.

    btw, did you know that we host a separate contest for "Extreme" AMV videos? If you happen to have videos on both the extremely violent, extremely horrific, language-riddled, or over-sexy videos that we normally would not even consider for the Main Contest, still send it our way and mark the First Special Category "Extreme". There will be an award for the best video of these types.

    Keep those submissions coming! :D
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    Just 3 weeks left to go, and there is still plenty of room for new video entries for all categories in the contest.

    Also, all video confirmations up to this point should have been sent out, so if you submitted an application and did not receive a reply, please let us know. If you have any questions about the rules, the contest itself, or need some advice on a potential entry, please let us know. We cannot wait to hear from you! :)
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    Only 2 weeks left, and our contest is currently seeking entries specifically for the main categories of Action and Comedy, and the Special Categories of the Parody (Trailer / Commercial / Alternate Opening) and Convention Theme, "Fairy Tales", if we are to consider these categories for the main contest. Additionally, we could also use more "Extreme" entries for the separate "Extreme" AMV Contest showing. If you have any potential video submissions in these categories that you think would fit, get them to us soon!

    Also, thank you for everyone who has submitted so far, and to everyone considering submissions for the contest! We are always glad to have you back if you are returning, or glad to see your videos if you are submitting for the first time. We are getting into the home stretch, so keep those submissions rolling in! [​IMG]
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    Just 5 days to the end of submissions!
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    Only 3 more days to the end of Tekko main contest submissions!
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    This is it! The final day to submit to our main contest before submissions close!

    Even though it is the end of main submissions, for those who get a submission form in on time, you will still have until February 28th to get the video file to us. Once we get any outstanding files together (or if we do not receive them by 11:59pm Eastern on the 28th), the videos will be sorted and turned over for judging.

    Keep those videos coming in! We're down to the wire!
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    ... and that's it! Submissions for the Tekko in Wonderland 2018 AMV Contest are now closed!

    For those who submitted, thank you for your participation! We will be sending out the videos to our judging panels as soon as the contest pool is completed (or overdue). E-mails will be sent out with more information as we get closer to the convention.

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