Tekko in Wonderland 2018 AMV Contest - FINALISTS

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    Here are the finalists for the Tekko 2018 AMV Contest, in contestant name order:

    drewaconclusion (x2)
    Gina Nelson
    Glitzer & Obsidian Zero
    James Blond
    kireblue & MycathatesyouAMV
    Krigen (Under The Box Productions)
    Maboroshi Studio
    Miracle Falcon
    MycathatesyouAMV & King Redeem
    Mysunsai (x3)
    PieandBeer (x2)
    shorisquared (x3)
    TheDestineeAMV (x2)
    UnluckyArtist (x2)

    The AMV Contest will be taking place in the AMV Theater twice at the convention: The "Early Bird" contest showing Friday at 11:00am and the regular main contest showing on Saturday at 1:00pm.

    Our Main Contest Overflow event is on Sunday from 11:00am - 12:30pm. Non-finalist contest videos that could not fit into the Overflow event are integrated into many of the programming blocks throughout the weekend, therefore every qualifying video that was submitted to the contest will be played before our audience at least once during the convention.

    Good luck to all of our finalists this year!
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    As announced at the convention Sunday, here are the winners of the Tekko in Wonderland 2018 AMV Contest:

    BEST CONVENTION THEME (FAIRY TALES): TheDestineeAMV - Beauty & The Magus
    BEST ACTION: shorisquared - Hell of a Feeling
    BEST DRAMA: Miracle Falcon - Fullmetal Hamilton: An Amestrian Musical
    BEST UPBEAT & FUN: Gina Nelson - SPF (Stereotypical Party Filler)
    BEST ROMANCE / SENTIMENTAL: shorisquared - Familiar
    BEST COMEDY / PARODY: MycathatesyouAMV & King Redeem - Dunces & Dragons
    COORDINATOR'S CHOICE: Keiichiface - Best Protag
    STAFF CHOICE: shorisquared - Call of the Void
    JUDGES' BEST IN SHOW: drewaconclusion - D’awwww Wagon
    AUDIENCE'S FAVORITE OF SHOW: MycathatesyouAMV & King Redeem - Dunces & Dragons
    BEST EXTREME VIDEO: MaboroshiStudio (and others) - F*** this F***ing MEP F***ing Part 2

    Congratulations to our winners this year!

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