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    As announced at the AMV Contest Awards, here are the winners of the Tekko Mecha (2019) AMV Contest:

    Best Action: Madmegatax - The Greatest Revue
    Best Drama: Kireblue - Madoka & The Nutcracker Witch
    Best Upbeat/Fun: Speedy180 - Impossible Comes True
    Best Convention Theme (Mecha): Speedy180 - Do Whatever It Takes
    Best Romance/Sentimental: Mysunsai - As We Fall
    Coordinator's Choice: [key]Scarlet & Kroner - Cucumber on Fire
    Staff Choice: Glitzer - Happy Little Clouds
    Judges' Best In Show: BecauseImBored1 - The Ouran Side
    Audience Favorite of Show (and Best Comedy/Parody): Maboroshi Studio - Plus Ultra Body Wash

    Next year's theme and dates have also been announced: It's Tekko Sports on April 3rd - 5th, 2020!

    Thanks again to all who entered our contest, and to our winners. See you all next year!


    Sorry for the delay. Here are the Finalists for the Tekko Mecha (2019) AMV Contest:

    AquaSorceress (x2)
    Drewaconclusion (x2)
    Evan T Foun
    Kireblue (x2)
    Maboroshi Studio (x2)
    Mysunsai (x2)
    Pantsu Of Doom
    Ramen Noodle Productions
    Shorisquared (x2)
    Speedy180 (x2)
    Studio Le Croc
    Toon Addict Productions

    The Main AMV Contest will be taking place on two days: The "Early Bird" AMV Contest Showing at 11:00am Friday and the Main AMV Contest Showing at 1:00pm Saturday, both of which are in the AMV Theater on the 4th floor.

    The AMV Extreme Contest Showing will be on Saturday Night at 11pm in the AMV Theater and is an age-restricted event, meaning you should have Governement-issued photo identification in order to enter for the Extreme Contest.

    Contest Award Winners will be announced at the convention on Sunday at 1:30pm in the AMV Theater. Any finalist winners at this event will receive their medallions or plaques in person, otherwise we will work on shipping the awards out to them.

    Good luck to all of our finalists this year! :D
    The Tekko 2019 AMV Contest is now open for submissions!

    This year's convention theme is Mecha: AMVs that revolve around Giant Robots and other "Mecha"-type anime!

    The deadline for submission cut-off is March 7th, 2019 March 14th, 2019 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. A copy of the rules are posted in the Spoiler Tag below and in the linked submission form.

    Also, this year we will be coordinating with the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC), so if you are interested in submitting for that AMV contest, you can use the submission form for entry into both Tekko and MTAC's AMV contest in one form.

    Good luck to all of our entrants!
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    The deadline has been extended to March 14th, and we are still looking for entries.

    Did you know that Tekko is also open to various other video sources? We are accepting as qualifying videos those with Western animation and Live-Action. Even though we do prefer videos that are Japanese inspired or sourced, we will not reject any video that is otherwise.

    Keep those videos coming! [​IMG]
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    Less than 15 days left. Still seeking Comedy-themed entries for the Main Contest and more Extreme Contest entries. If you have any questions about the contest, please let us know.

    Keep the entries coming! [​IMG]
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    Less than 3 days remain to the contest submission closing, and we are light on Comedy and Extreme Contest videos.

    Also, thanks to everyone who has submitted a video so far. I am catching up and will start sending more responses out soon for those who submitted from March 9th. If you sent in a form before March 9th and have not yet received a response to your submission, please let me know.

    Thanks! :)
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    This is it! Submissions will end at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time tonight! If you have any last-minute submissions, send them our way now!

    (Note that you will still have until March 16th 11:59pm EDT to upload your video if you file a submission form.)

    If you have any questions about the contest, please let me know.
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    Less than one hour left to fill out a submission form!
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    ... and that's it. Main Contest Entries are now closed for 2019. Statistics and more information will be forthcoming.

    To those who submitted videos, thank you! We would not have a contest without your help and participation. We will finish up with qualification and send out e-mail notification of your videos' status, if not already sent.

    Extreme Contest entries are still acceptable up to and through April 6th, 2019. Any video that does not meet the Extreme Contest content requirements will not be considered for entry into the Extreme Contest. If you have any questions about what qualifies or if an entry would be acceptable, please let me know.

    Thanks again, and good luck to our 2019 qualifying contestants!
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    Just a reminder that our Extreme Contest is still open until April 6th. If you have questions about qualifying entry or entries, please let us know.

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    Finalists on first page.
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    Winners on first page!

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