The Dichotomy of Mew & Mewtwo - Pokemon the First Movie

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    Hello, first time posting! This is my 6th AMV ever, yay! Please provide feedback, critique, love, anything! I've used Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. I'm still learning AE and hope to get better by utilizing it more.

    Anime: Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
    Music: Haywyre - Dichotomy (Soft Mix)
    Haywyre - Dichotomy (Hard Mix)
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    I liked that chosen song was constantly changing, thanks party to your stitching of two different song versions. Extra points for doing it cleanly. Get into habit of having your project with same setting as your source or at least be aware what happens when it doesn't match up. In your case white layer flash got into black bar zone. Repeating scenes rarely looks good, which I presume was done mainly from lack of scenes. Wanted more emphasis on all sounds and faster pacing throughout the song.
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