This Fall

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    Hello again, this is not something I generally make but again it's made for someone else. I'm glad I got the opportunity because this is second amv I completed this month. This time I got to work on sources I never used before, so I really enjoyed working on it. That said, I hope you enjoy this video too.

    I also made another version where I used some sound effects and some dialogues. I didn't upload since it's unpolished but I'd like to know what you think about it. Is it good idea to have sound effects and some dialogues or is it good as is. If you would like to check it I can share.

    Video: This Fall
    Category: Action, Other, Trailer, etc. (+1)
    Anime: Various
    Song: Everything We Ever Had
    Artist: Gerard Franklin
    Creator: Pysh

    Here's one with sound and dialogues.


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