Too late for NDK, but still would like feedback :3

Discussion in 'New AMV Announcements' started by violentverses, Aug 17, 2019.

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    I just watched it and I like it. (Also, I still appreciate the feedback you gave me on my video almost a year ago.)

    Overall, I felt like the scenes fit the music and each specific part of the song well.

    For the transitions, I can see where you change their duration based on the pace of the song at the moment. I liked this and maybe it can be accentuated a little more. In some of the slower parts of the song, I could see the slower transitions and I really liked them, but could appreciate them being just a little bit slower that what you had. I also liked the transitions lining up to the music around the 2:10 mark. It felt like the video was in perfect sync in that part of the song. Around 2:25 had good transition timing too. I'm not sure if you used a similar timing technique earlier in the video, because there seemed to be more transitions at the beginning that I couldn't link to beats in the song, or they felt just a split second off, making some of the earlier transitions feel out of sync.

    Also, everything has a fade-in-out transition (and I do like the change in duration), but I felt like the faster and harder sections of the song could benefit from hard cuts instead of a fading transition.

    On one final note, I really liked the bouncing grenade. It really caught my attention and added an unexplainable uniqueness.
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    Bless you for giving me feedback on this. I have a hard time following beats, might just be these bad eyes of mine and having to depend on my ears and "precise" flagging on where I paused in Sony Vegas. I will try to focus more on that and practice with it. Thank you sooooo much! I look forward to seeing more of your work. I like what I've seen immensely!

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