took me 18 years... finally an AMV editor

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Synæsthesia, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Synæsthesia

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    I discovered AMV's when I was around 17 (circa 1999) and really wanted to make them. Life happened... 18 years later (2018) I finally had the necessary tools to start editing. I taught myself how to use Adobe Premeire and made my first proper AMV

    just put up my 5th and still have so many I want to make!
  2. ZephyrStar

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    Sorry for the late, late, late reply but welcome to the forums! And the discord, where things are more active!
  3. seasons

    seasons Member

    That's kind of awesome.

    I discovered AMVs in 2003 and wasn't able to actually start editing for about six years. Always thought that was...not really a record or anything, but kind of an extreme case or something. Like, there seems to be zero barrier to entry into this hobby for anyone who just discovers AMVs and decides two minutes later that they're going to start making them themselves.

    I've enjoyed your posts in r/AMV and on the Org, I really need to actually watch some of your stuff. I like your Made in Abyss video a lot.
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  4. Synæsthesia

    Synæsthesia New Member

    5 months later... I see I got replies to this post, heh

    I'm glad you've enjoyed my amvs, I enjoyed reading your top videos of the year posts :3

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