Tora-Con 2017 AMV Contest- Status: Accepting Entries; Deadline March 12 2017

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    Tora-Con is a two-day convention at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. For 2017 we will once again be hosting an AMV contest, with screening and voting on both Saturday and Sunday. The school is allowing us to raise our attendance cap this year, so we'll have 3000 people on site! The AMV contest is also open to editors who will not be physically attending the convention. We do like trying to encourage entries from local editors as well, so for anyone in New York State or the Northeast US we'd love to see your videos [​IMG] .

    What: Tora-Con 2017
    When: April 22 & 23 2017
    Where: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY USA
    Convention site:

    AMV Contest entry deadline: March 12th, 2017 @ 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time)
    Contest Rules: ... Vwbk0/view
    Entry form: ... ubmission/

    Please read the rules before you send us your entries. Tora-Con is a family-friendly convention and want to keep parents (and the university) happy, so don't send send us videos with scenes containing nudity, or songs jam-packed with expletives.

    Note that we do have a "freshness" rule, so we request that you not enter videos that have won an award at two or more conventions, or videos that are more than two years old (from their premiere) based on the date of the convention. This is in part so we can give new videos and up-and-coming editors a shot at getting into the contest. See the complete rules document for more info on this.

    Prizes for winners in the past have included trophies/plaques, and gift certificates to Amazon, Rightstuf, and similar merchants (including to international Amazon sites for international winners). We have, when necessary, also mailed physical prizes for winners outside the US.

    Email with questions.

    Hope to see some videos soon! Spread the word around to your AMV-editing friends!

    P.S. We'll also be hosting Iron Editor again, hopefully bigger and better this year, so let us know if you're interested in participating in that! You will need to attend in person to be able to compete in Iron Editor.
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  3. IdiAlex

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    Seems like you can't tho you could like a month ago :c

    Will try to make an AMV if I won't have problems with study :D
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