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    1 Contest Process
    Contest will be held in two stages : Mass Selection Stage and Final Qualifying Stage.

    All contestants will participate in the Mass Selection Stage and 50 finalists will be picked out from all submissions by the judges to join in our Final Qualifying Stage. In Final Qualifying Stage, 50 finalists will be judged by all of our honored judges and each finalists will get the chance to vote on the best work excluding his/hers.

    Contest Schedule:

    Registration: 2018/3/19 ~ 2018/7/15
    Submission: 2018/3/19 ~ 2018/7/15
    Finalist Selection: 2018/7/16 ~ 2018/7/23
    Finalist Premieer: 2018/7/24 ~ 2018/7/31
    Result Announcement: 2018/8/1 ~ 2018/8/3
    (The schedule may be adjusted should any unforeseen circumstances occurs)​
    2 Rewards

    1st place: 16000 CNY (2526 USD) + Trophy + A fine piece of Girl's Dress
    2nd place: 10000 CNY (1580 USD) + Trophy
    3rd place: 6000 CNY (948 USD) + Trophy
    4th and 5th place: 3000 CNY (474 USD)
    6th to 10th place: 1000 CNY (158 USD)
    (May fluctuate according to the exchange rate)
    11th to 20th place: Special gift
    Single Nomination: Chinese snacks
    Single nomination includes : Best Comedy / Best MEP(maximum 2 editor) / Best 51th-the one who almost made it / Best Romance / Best Sentimental / Best Story / Best Trailer / Best Chinese Music / Most Creative / Best Character Profile / Best Design / Best Dance / Best Action.

    (Some of the prize may be cancelled if there are not enough videos that fits the category and there are no limit on how much award a single video can win)

    Out of fairness sake, TOS members will join in the RANKING process but they won’t get any prize reward if they won, the money will be transferred to the participant(non TOS member) of the next ranking.

    3 Submission Requirements
    Cooperation is allowed for maximum two editors and multiple accounts participation is forbidden. Your video MUST NOT be less than 90 seconds or exceeding 10 minutes, using published MAD/AMV as material is not allowed and there should not be any sensitive substance in the contest video.

    The contest logo must be included in video, it can be anywhere in the video up to participant’s choices, but the length of our logo should be no less than 1 second.

    Before the announcement of finalist, you ARE NOT allowed to publish your work on any other websites. After the announcement of finalist, those who does not make it into the final, can then publish your work, and they still are eligible to compete for single prizes. All of the finalist videos should not be submitted to other contests.

    When submitting, a Cover (960×600) and Personal information (.txt) including participant ID in Bilibili (or youtube), Video title, creation inspiration, and Video (maximum 1920×1080, 5000kbps, 8 bit, mp4) named as “Editor name_Video title” are needed. Three of them should be compressed into one file (.rar or .zip) and be sent to our official mailbox: The title of the email should be named as [TOS MAD CONTEST] Editor name_Video title.

    4 Scoring Details
    All of our judges will responsible for picking out 50 finalist and single prizes. Ten prestige judges that we invited:


    After finalist announcement, each participant that made it into finals can vote for the top 10 videos. The final score will be the combination of judges scores and voting from finalists.

    5 Registration
    Mail to , listing your ID in bilibili (or youtube) and your contact information. If you cannot understand Chinese, feel free to inform us in email.

    If you have any question, please contact pikapika for more information.

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