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    We have made tremendous progress on the AMV Documentary Project. Not only were we able to film nine interviews and lots of AMV events at Sakura-Con, but we have also received interviews and footage from Texas, California, Russia, France, Egypt, and the Netherlands.

    Our next objective is filming MomoCon, and in particular, two editors by the names of l33tmeatwad and pwcagal272. Just yesterday, StarTrinity009 sent a camera and equipment to both of them in order to improve production quality for their segment. We look forward to seeing all of the great footage that comes out of this and thank them for their generous commitment.

    We are still looking for more volunteers: videographers, interviewees, musicians, designers, and more. We also have a spot open for another associate producer. If you have any skills you want to contribute, please message MinetChan or StarTrinity009.

    We also have an immediate need for more videographers interested in covering this year’s Anime Expo. Please contact us ASAP if you would like to volunteer for this task!
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