Very catchy song - Hyouka-サラバイサラバイ-Renji Takuma

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  1. Zora

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    Video: Hyouka-AMV-サラバイサラバイ/Sarabaisarabai-Renji Takuma.
    Song: サラバイサラバイ/Sarabaisarabai.

    Ps: Chitanda eyes are super awesome :)
  2. Chibiahiru

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    I like the song too :)
    What program do you edit with?
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  3. Conceptually I felt this one was quite strong. The relationship was framed nicely and there was alot of good timing throughout the video. I did feel like a few scenes stayed on screen a bit too long which caused the video to drag in some places such as the embrace at :58, the characyer who seems to have thought and puts his finger in the air at 1:20 the bike ride at 1:29, note at 2:09, the two characters walkimg with the bike at 2:50, and the scene with the cherry blossoms at 3:13. Otherwise maybe work on some transitions like a zoom in to the characters walking on to the bridge before tansitioning into the main guys face for example (I didn't write that ones time code down).
    Overall though the video was pretty well done and was enjoyable to watch.
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  4. Zora

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    Thanks Chibiahiru, I used Premiere Pro CC :)
  5. Zora

    Zora New Member

    Thanks The_McLaughlin for giving me a detailed feedback, I will be sure to work more on transitions and adjust the scenes time, please come back again and keep giving me constructive feedback in the future senpai
    Have a good day :)

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