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Discussion in 'Editing Help' started by numbuh0051, May 2, 2017.

  1. numbuh0051

    numbuh0051 New Member

    Okay, I use Sony Vegas and, up until recently, it was working just fine. Now, for some reason, some of the videos on the second video track disappear in the preview for some reason. I haven't adjusted anything on those videos and if I move them up to the first track, they appear just fine. Please help?
  2. Voice From Moon

    Voice From Moon Member New

    It can be number of different reasons. I'm not well versed in SV, but it can be one of those: your second track is muted, other video track is set as solo, opacity for track is set to something close to zero, or track is set to non default compositing mode. Quick fix might be to create new video track and copy everything from second track (unless you're soloing first track it should work. Since first track appears to be fine).
  3. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    which version of sony vegas you using? 14, 13..? :O
  4. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    See if any other vegas projects are having similar issues
  5. Enigmo

    Enigmo Member

    Don't worry my friend...I have the solution.

    If you need to keep it in the 2nd layer, what you do is find that video's original file in your "project media" section, and then delete it. When you try to delete it you'll get a pop-up and just press "yes to all". Then once it's deleted, hit ctrl+z to bring it back. It'll be just as before but with no issues. You should see the video reappear in the prrview.

    I've never had this problem but I assume it will happen several times throughout the course of your working on the project. As such, just keep using this process to fix it whenever it happens.

    Also, I would recommend: once you've finished your project, before rendering it, go to "project media" and hit ctrl+a to select all, and then delete everything and then bring it all back with ctrl+z (everything comes back in one swoop). This will help make sure your final render won't consist of any disappearing scenes.

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  6. numbuh0051

    numbuh0051 New Member

    Thank you everyone for their suggestions. Unfortunately, it seems that I'll probably have to start from scratch on this one as I applied the fixes but they haven't worked. ): Thank you anyway.
  7. Enigmo

    Enigmo Member

    Wait what?

    Can you show a screenshot of the timeline when the video disappeared and also give the file format description of the original video?
  8. numbuh0051

    numbuh0051 New Member

    Okay so this is basically what happens:

    Untitled.jpg [​IMG]

    But it's only when it's on the second track because when I move the vid up to the first:


    It appears just fine. I never had this problem before and I haven't done anything to change the opacity so I can't figure out why this is happening.
  9. Voice From Moon

    Voice From Moon Member New

    I wanted to say that you count layers backwards :D but that's more the case in SV in general. So as I mentioned before one of possible problems can be that you changed your compositing mode for layer. Your second layer (I think of it as first) judging by the icon is set to Multiply mode. Which for some reason gives you black screen (I simply don't know technical reasoning why base layer produces black image on this mode). Changing back to default (Source Alpha) should solve your problem since there no reason to change compositing mode for base layer anyway.
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  10. Enigmo

    Enigmo Member

    LOL no wonder yeah, voice from moon is right. your compositing mode on track 4 is not set to source alpha and so this is happening. i cna see because there's an "x" there when it should be an alpha sign like your track 2.
  11. numbuh0051

    numbuh0051 New Member

    Thank you everyone! That worked perfectly!

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