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    Hello everyone!

    We are really happy to introduce the editors currently involved in our documentary as staff members! This project cannot be done without the help of these leaders and volunteers. I thank them for stepping up to the task of helping coordinate and produce this project. I look forward to working with all of you as we near completion of the documentary!

    Here is a rundown of our structure and of what everyone is in charge of. (If anyone else is interested in any of these roles, please message me, since we may have need for more help.)

    In charge of overseeing the entire project from start to finish. Will plan and coordinate the overall vision and edit the final project with input and help from the team.


    In charge of coordinating and producing the final video. This includes promoting the project, contacting editors, developing ideas, filming B-roll and interviews, as well as reviewing research and scripts.


    Associate Producer
    Takes direction from producers and performs task necessary for the documentary production. This includes promoting the project, contacting editors, filming B-roll and interviews, editing trailers/promos, as well as reviewing research and scripts.


    AMV Ambassadors
    In charge of promoting the AMV documentary to their respective community. This includes posting in forums, asking members if they would like to help, and sending out press releases concerning the development of the documentary. They will coordinate and supply footage and interviews from members in their communities. Ambassadors are also in charge of providing a historical background of their community through interviews with key editors. (For more information please see the AMBASSADOR INSTRUCTIONS document.)

    Kireblue — AMV.org
    ZephyrStar — AMVCentral
    Cmoididi — AMV France
    Minstrel — AMVNews
    Joskua — ZonaAMV
    Pic4 — AMVDE
    Drunkenpony — AMV Greece
    Niwa — AMV Sweden
    Sawnah — AMV Finland
    danparenthis — AMV UK
    ZOD — AMV Maghreb
    Empyreanous — AMV Australia
    Mr. Memory — AMV China

    Here is a list of OPEN POSITIONS for anyone who would like to contribute more to the documentary!


    AMV Japan Ambassador
    AMV Italy Ambassador

    Ambassadors must be a part of their community and they must have extensive knowledge pertaining to their said community. (For more information please see the AMBASSADOR INSTRUCTIONS document.)

    Please check back for more openings! We also encourage anyone to contact us if they have specific talents they would like to contribute to the project!
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