What are your Hobbies?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheAceRailgun, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Well all know you make AMVs and watch AMVs, but what else do you like to do?

    I really enjoy studying, and creating languages and scripts, reading books, playing Overwatch (this should be a dedicated hobby), and listening to music.
  2. I like writing scripts a lot of the ones I've written though I've never produced just because I finish them and realize... the budget for this is far more than I can afford to make. Other than that cosplaying, and I used to play Airsoft... been thinking about trying to get back into Airsoft to maybe help get me back into shape again. However that would involve buying a ton of new gear as my old gear either doesn't fit anymore or my sisters dog ate a ton of it back when he was a puppy who liked to commit breaking and entering crimes in my room and loved to eat the straps off of gloves, helmets and other gear.
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  3. Tigrin

    Tigrin Member

    Uhh I have way too many which is probably why I don't finish more AMVs. Other than editing I like drawing, animating, writing fanfiction (recently Creek fanfiction lol), writing blog posts (about yaoi or asexuality or asexualiy in yaoi), reading and translating manga, watching anime, playing video games, and studying Japanese. ._. it's hard to prioritize what I want to do with my limited free time so I tend to just go by whatever self-imposed deadline I'm on. some things like reading or studying I can combine with commuting so that works out.
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  4. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    I feel you._.

    let's see beside editing (prepare for long list of stuff) :
    Learning new things in whatever software seem interesting,
    listening to music(yes I sometimes just lay down and just listen to music like some creepy person with a music fetish),
    youtube (with the level of youtubing I do it is considered a hobby)
    going out for long walks(randomly going out at like 9pm and coming home 2 am just randomly walking around town listening to music),
    meeting new people (even i'm terrible at like being social and stuff),
    just messing with computers (Randomly deciding to rip apart my laptop and put it back together cause why not)
    teaching (setting up own company at the moment to teach people computers)
    reading manga(lots of it)
    photography (love taking pictures and putting them in my album)
    collecting figures (if only I had more money and space to do so)
    eating ._. (MORE FOOOOODDDD)
    sports (if I list all the sports I enjoy doing this list going to be twice as long)
    writing anime/manga reviews ( and the never post them anywhere ._.)
    arts &craft (just keeping it on that again this list long enough)
    writing out my deepest thoughts about humanity (it's shit)
    and lastly breathing (that is pretty fun sometimes)

    probably forgot bunch of stuff oh well.
    in the end I still have times where I get bored and have nothing to do._.
  5. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    Except amv editing and playing csgo, i also play football in a local team!
  6. Pic4

    Pic4 Moderator Staff Member

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  7. Dr. Derpface

    Dr. Derpface Make AMV's Great Again Staff Member

    Music, gaming, spending ENTIRELY too much time in FSX, and from time to time I've been known to shitpost (though not NEARLY as much as Laurie)
  8. Pysh

    Pysh Member

    Other than Editing I'm passionate in Photography, Filmmaking or better say Content Creation ;). Also I like to create anything say a video or a drawing or a craft :) just anything that's creative.
  9. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Somewhere down the line I decided i wanted to be a ninja so i do martial arts and parkour.

    Also the regular nerdy stuff but thats a given, is it not?
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  10. meleechampion

    meleechampion Instinct Lv. 32

    I like to get mad at videogames
  11. Xophilarus

    Xophilarus New Member Queen of Yuri

    I am also in the video game and writing camp many others are in. My favorite types of games are either ones I can play with my friends (the big one being Overwatch atm) or various RPGs. SPEAKING OF RPGS, the other HUGE hobby I have right now is table top RPGs. By that, I mainly mean Dungeons and Dragons at the moment, but I have tried a few others, like Call of Cthulhu, and I have a fairly big list of others I plan to try in the future. I got into this stuff less than a year ago so this whole world's pretty new to me and so far it has been amazing.
  12. exkcal

    exkcal Wielder of Windows Movie Maker

    I like drawing but im not good at it. :)

    I cant show you any of it because I always just throw it away when im done haha.
  13. Lemoniven

    Lemoniven Vampire

    i love gaming since im 4 yrs old but then i know editing and drawing when im at high school, but now im still on the gaming stuff lel, i do editing and drawing if im on the mood only~

    ohh why you throw them away, i bet is gonna be awsum drawing D:
  14. exkcal

    exkcal Wielder of Windows Movie Maker

    I guess im ok at doodles but they are nothing worth keeping haha
  15. Tigrin

    Tigrin Member

    I've kept everything I've drawn for years so I can look back at the old stuff with a weird mixture of pride and mortification.
  16. Kazu

    Kazu Pink Power

    Editing is like on top of my hobbies and thankfully part-time job. As for the rest - gaming and drawing/coloring ^^
  17. exkcal

    exkcal Wielder of Windows Movie Maker

    whats your PT?
  18. KonahaANBU

    KonahaANBU Lancelot

    Football, AMVs, mangas and comics, drawing and art sometimes

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