What Got You Into Editing AMVs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheAceRailgun, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Xophilarus

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    To try and cope with the fact I had no friends while struggling with suicidal thoughts daily due to my overwhelming loneliness.
  2. Vik

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    Mine was back in 2011 when a friend asked me to make a promotional for a DBZ game, I used to comment in forums of videogames from time to time and well, it was an interesting idea to make something with anime, even if it was pretty horrible because my editing wasn't really good of course.

    I always wanted to be an editor, still remember when POTC film came out and I watched it for the first time, I remember to be really impressed with the effects and the visuals of the movie; so that was me, being a 7 years old child and saying "I want to make these things someday!", and that has been always my answer when someone asked me what I would like to study. Then my sister got a PC in 2007, and I started to put stuff together with WMM. But as I said, it was in 2011 when I started to make AMV's. My first inspiration was ScSerwas7, his "This World" AMV caught my attention a lot, so I tried to make something like that. Still waiting to make a collab with Serwas aniki.

    His video:

    And that's all :3 Here is Vik, yooo!
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  3. Enjo

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    Back in ~2008 a friend who was addicted to AMVs introduced me and taught me how to edit in movie maker, at first it was really boring to me at least compared to watching anime so I quickly dropped it but at that point I had seem mostly some crap DBZ/Naruto movie maker edits. Then one day I stumbled upon Whispers of the Beast and Spoil, there were a few other good ones which I can't seem to recall/find at the moment but those made me realize there were programs other than MM for editing and the results were way better so somehow I got really into it.
  4. KonahaANBU

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    i was a part of Naruto and Bleach fans based community/ one of the members MAX made this:

    another member MANA made this

    this got me thinking into creating one too
  5. My freshman year of high school I was super into Naruto and was looking for pictures of Naruto to look at while eating breakfast. Well google had just staryed adding google video to it's services and sometimes in the image searches videos would pop up. One day I clicked on a picture and it instead took me to someones Naruto amv... I thought it was cool and staryed activity seeking out videos instead of pictures and would watch amvs every morning before school while eating breakfast. Shortly after that I took a class that taught the most basic of editing concepts in Adobe Premiere and took that and applied it to windows movie maker and sought out clips to edit with that usually weren't the the best quality and made some of the worst videos in the world... but I just kind of kept at it ,minus roughly a year between senior year of high school and half way through freshman year of college.
  6. FoxJones

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    I saw my first AMVs during the previous millennium when they were used as fillers for fansub VHS tapes. I liked them alot and started to think why no one hasn't used this song to that anime or this anime with that song. I started to realize that with some combos I would have to MAKE THEM MYSELF DAMMIT!
    ...and in 2003 it dawned to me that I had the tools to do so. I tried out some silly combinations and when I learned the editing I started to make those AMVs I wanted to see.

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