What's the first AMV you ever watched?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shorisquared, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

    TheAceRailgun's thread on "What Got You Into Editing AMVs?" reminded me of another question: what was the first AMV you ever watched? For me, it was Koopiskeva's "Skittles". I downloaded it from some website for no reason and was really surprised at what I saw. It was catchy and just as colorful as its namesake. I put it on my SanDisk Sansa mp3 player with its tiny screen and would watch it often. So good! Let me know what AMV you first watched!
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  2. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Paper Heart was one of the first I ever saw, I still love it to today.
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  3. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    I already mentioned it in that thread but i believe my first amv i ever saw was "Teenagersss!" by KP. I have an awful memory though and 2012 was a confusing year so i probably saw other things but hey whatever ill say this is the one.
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  4. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    I can't remember the first amvs that I ever watched. However, dokidoki is one of the people that truly inspired me to start editing
    Here's one of his early works
  5. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

    This was probably the first video of KP's that I had ever watched. I still enjoy it to this day.
  6. Tigrin

    Tigrin Member

    This is the first one I can remember and I think I still pattern my videos off of it.
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  7. WolfandSerpent

    WolfandSerpent Queen of Plushies

    Been around so long now, most of the old AMVs I loved have been deleted through copyright XD
    but still have some in my favourites, so here is one of the oldest surviving ones in there (may not be the best, but these inspired me to edit)
  8. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    That is some really good pacing and storytelling, makes me want to watch the original IP even more. I must find a time soon. D:
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  9. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    If I recall correctly it was some shitty Naruto amv with the (in)famous Can't touch this by MC hammer. There are so many versions online but not the one I saw.

    Second one was this:

    The song is in Dutch, but it's basically barbie girl but fucked up and very non-woman friendly. But it's fun.
  10. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Its so bad but that what makes it good XD
  11. Rider4Z

    Rider4Z The Machine

    A Linkin Ball Z. I don't want to look it up cuz I'll never find it in the ocean.
  12. machina21

    machina21 Lakers 4 lyfe

    Saw "Engel" during an overtime shift at a old job, life changing.
  13. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    I know right XD
    Like seriously, if you understand the lyrics its not actually that bad... and It's entertaining as hell :p
  14. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    I said what got me into amvs in the other thread and it was dbz amvs
    This is the first one i watched!
  15. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    not the first I think but the earliest one I can remember and still one of my All time favorite videos and editors!
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  16. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Same here, that's always a fun one
  17. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Well... the first AMV I ever watched was a real media file back in the dial up days of the internet. It was on a Sailor Moon fan page and was a collection of attack animations put to the song She's Got the Power. It ended with the final attack in the anime from Stars with the pure Sailor Moon. The video itself I think has been lost to time and the internet (I had a copy at one point but it's on a hard drive my dad sold along with the laptop). So no real way to show the exact video. But I did make a tribute video quite some time ago and if you wanna see that someone apparently uploaded it to YT...

    And I suppose after searching a bit on YT I found a video that kinda fits with that I saw originally. Though I doubt it's the exact video:

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  18. It was a Naruto amv that I found by searching images of Naruto my freshman year of highschool. Back then google video had just become a thing and if you searched in images sometimes videos would pop up. It was a Naruto amv that I think used some Linkin Park song... or mayne a bamd similar to linkin Park anyway. I used to watch it in Realmediaplayer every morning before school. I don't remember it's name or who made it though... if it even said who made it. Not sure if it was good or bad because I don't remember enough about it to find it again.
    Of the first ones I remember there was Sail On by ManyLemonsProductions. There was a Naruto one that mashed up metal gear solid theme and made a pretty cool trailer that I watched a lot I think it was by someone named Vegeta007 or something like that, and a lot of the amvs from a studio that was called somethimg like ISTV studio or something like that I think they had a few One Piece and Naruto amvs I used to watch a lot... again it was a while ago and I can't really remember the names of the amvs or if that's even the studios name. They were on youtube though... so it might still be possible to hunt them down providing they weren't dmca takedowned or removed for otyer reasons.
  19. seasons

    seasons Member

    I don't remember for sure but Red Alert by Kwasek was definitely part of that first batch.

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  20. CrackTheSky

    CrackTheSky Administrator Staff Member

    I can't believe I found it, but I'm pretty sure the first video I ever watched was this one:

    Not great by any standards, but I was sleeping over at a friend's house when he showed it to me, and the next day I went home and started making my own!
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