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    Important Contest Info

    Entries Due: October 6th, 2017 (Web Upload), September 29th, 2017 (FTP upload), September 29th, 2017 (Snail-mail)

    Contest Database:

    Contest Info Page (includes PDF & HTML formatted rules):

    Contest Coordinator: Nate (youmafatsubmit[AT]

    Video Tutorials:

    Major Change Notes:
    --- This year we have officially removed the separate adult competition in favor of allowing adult entries to be submitted and compete alongside the non-adult entries in the normal competition for standard judges awards. There will still be a separate carded showing for these entries at the convention and it will be decided during the judging sessions which entries will be moved to this showing. For more details on how this change is being handled please check the Adult Entry specific rules in the rules document and the judging info in the Dexter rule document.
    --- This year we are officially accepting entry submissions via Web Link Uploads! You will submit your web link via the entry status page. FTP Submissions is no longer the preferred method of submission and it is no longer recommended to use FTP unless you are unable to utilize the web upload feature.
    --- Judging and Awards will be handled slightly differently this year, further info via the Dexter rule found here:
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    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Youmacon 2017 Fan Art Theater Competition

    Please read through all the rules before entering!

    Entry Requirements:

    • All videos must be in the hands of the Contest Coordinator by October 7th, 2017. You have until 11:59PM on Oct 6th to get your video(s) in. (all times Eastern)
    • Submission formats have different deadlines, as outlined below:
    o Snail-Mail
     Snail-Mail Submissions will stop being accepted after Sept 29th, 2017.
    o FTP
     FTP Submissions will stop being accepted after Sept 29th, 2017. FTP server will be closed at 11:59 PM on Sept 29th, 2017.
    o Online Link
     Online Link Submissions will stop being accepted after Oct 6th, 2017. Online Link Accepting will be closed at 11:59 PM on Oct 6th, 2017.
    • There is no set limit to the number of entries per creator that can be submitted to the contest.
    o Total Length for all videos submitted per creator must not exceed 25 mins.
     This means we will accept 50 30 sec videos, 1 25 min video, or any mixture in-between.
    • Videos that have been submitted to a previous Youmacon Competition will not be eligible to compete.
    • Multi-editor videos are also accepted. When filling out the entry form please supply information for the other members in the comments field.
    • Entries may not contain bumpers, title screens, MTV style credits, or any other form of identification. We will be creating our own uniform bumpers and to ensure the quality of all entries are maintained we will not remove them for you.
    o This rule may be overlooked if such identification is done creatively in a way that can not be easily removed. However this, like all other rules, is left to the coordinator’s discretion.
    • All videos must be a minimum of 30 seconds long.
    • The maximum length for videos submitted must not go over the allotted 25 mins available per creator.
    • By submitting your video(s) to this contest you authorize us to screen and distribute it under the Youmacon Fan Art Theater Competition Title. All physical media (CD-R, DVD-R, Thumb drive, ect) submitted becomes the property of Youmacon Enterprises/Defying Conventions and will not be returned.

    • There are no content requirements for this contest. Your videos may contain any type of footage you see fit to use, provided it doesn’t fall into one of the categories for disqualification.
    o The allowable footage types include but is not limited to the following:
     Anime
     Manga
     Live Action
     My Little Pony
     Non-Japanese Cartoons
     Video Games

    • Entries may be disqualified for the following reasons:
    o Bad audio or video quality
    o Subtitled footage
    o Failure to adhere to submission rules
    o Lack of entry form
    o Any reason Youmacon Fan Art Theater Staff deems necessary.
     If you are unsure if your video would be disqualified due to the above rule e-mail the contest coordinator and we can view the content of your video and make a decision.

    • Exceptions to the rules will be made on a video-by-video basis.

    Entry Format:

    • Entries will ONLY be accepted in the following formats:
    o AVI
    o MPEG-2
    o H.264 / x.264 (preferred)
     .mp4 files ONLY
    o HEVC
    • The following containers, formats and codecs will NOT be accepted:
    o Videotape (VHS or Betamax)
    o Authored DVD (If it plays like a DVD in a DVD Player)
    o WMV
    o RM
    o MOV
    o MKV
    o OGG
    o Xvid
    o Divx
    o DV
    o Any other item not listed in the accepted list above
    • For optimum viewing at con, all videos should include at least 1 second of black space before and after the video.

    • Digital Video File format specifications:
    o Videos will be played on a large projection screen. As such, high quality will be expected. For the best results submitting a video that has at least a 640x480 resolution is required (or 640x352 if you are working with widescreen footage.) Submitting videos smaller then this (including using source smaller then this) will degrade the visual quality of the video, which may lead to disqualification.
    o We will no longer accept videos submitted interlaced. All videos MUST be progressive.
    o As letterboxing and pillarboxing will degrade the final viewing size at the convention, we no longer will allow for videos to be submitted with letterboxing or pillar boxing. All videos MUST be submitted in their native aspect ratio.
     If your video contains black bars at the top/bottom or sides, this means you have letterboxing/pillarboxing in your video.
    • We gladly accept HD videos. Our setup at the convention will be able to display videos at least at 720p quality with the possibility to display higher resolutions.
    o If you plan to submit an HD video please keep in mind that the better the codec you use the better the final quality will be. HD videos should not be sent in using mpeg2, we recommend h.264/x.264 for this.

    Contest Information:

    • The contest will be shown either via a computer directly to the projector or via an authored DVD if such a need arises. Those of you submitting via MPEG2 will benefit from following the DVD specifications outlined:
    • All videos not disqualified will compete.
    • Information on showings in rooms other then the Fan Art Theater will be announced when they are figured out.
    • Due to the amount of entries submitted and time permitted for showing entries we may not be able to show every video submitted during the course of the convention. We will allow for creators to request specific videos of their own during showing blocks in order to see their entries up on the big screen, but cannot guarantee that any of a creator’s videos submitted to us will be shown during the convention.
    • Judging and Awards will be handled drastically different this year due to the above change in viewing at the convention. Please see the full explanation, ala the Dexter Rule, here: Youmacon_2017_How_Awards_and_Judging_is_Handled
    • You do not need to be present to win. However the fastest means of receiving your award will be to either be present or have a proxy at the con to pick your award(s) up for you.
    o If you will have a proxy at the con to accept your award(s) send an email to the contest coordinator with the name of your proxy.
    o The convention will mail out awards after the con to those who did not pick them up at con. The timeframe these will be sent is entirely based on availability of funds for shipping by the convention and may take up to a few months.
     The convention regrets to inform you that this courtesy can only be extended to entrants in the United States. All international entrants will need to make arrangements with the coordinator in order to receive their award(s).

    • Due to the nature of the competition and the sheer breadth of video types able to be submitted we are no longer following a category submission system. That is to say there are no longer categories, but instead all videos submitted to the competition will compete against each other in order to obtain awards decided upon via our judges/attendees in accordance with the Dexter Rule.

    • You may submit entries to the following competitions/categories:
    o Other
     This category is strictly for use by panelists who need to submit their videos to the con for viewing. Only to be used if asked by the coordinator.
    o Staff
     If you are Youmacon staff this is the only competition you are allowed to compete in. This is for pure bragging rights amongst staff, Adult submissions excluded however.
    o Exhibition
     All videos submitted to the contest that do not fall into the other competitions above will fall into this one. The mass majority of entries will fall into this category.

    • Adult Entries
    o Adult Entries are now allowed as part of the normal competition
    o This year we are doing away with the separate adult video competition, instead all adult videos submitted to the competition will compete with all other videos for the same pool of awards.
    o Adult entries may contain any source material. We will not accept amateur porn or voyeuristic videos as valid entries. Also keep in mind all applicable laws for your state/province as well as local Michigan/Detroit laws when submitting entries. We WILL NOT accept any videos that break these laws.
    o Adult material will be defined as pornographic, ultra violent, sick, nasty, utterly wrong, and anything considered unable to be shown during the standard convention viewing.
    o While adult entries will compete with all other entries, they will only be shown during a specific carded event at the convention.
    o All entrants who submit an adult entry must be 18 years of age or older.

    Entry Submissions:

    • We will be employing a Contest Database system for keeping track of entries. The system will be used to fill out entry forms, request priority seating at the contest, request ftp information, view status of entries, and much more.
    • All entries must contain an entry form. Those submitting multiple entries will need to submit a form for each video.
    o The Database can be found here:
     If you already have an account you do not need to make a new one, even if you have never submitted to Youmacon before. Simply log in and make sure your creator information is up to date.

    • Online link submissions
    o This year we will officially be accepting entries via online links. This is the preferred method of submission.
    o On the entry status page, after submitting your entry form, you will be able to submit an online link submission.
     This is separate from the link field in the entry form, which is only for permanent links to provide viewers after the con who wish to view your video(s).
    o Links will only be accepted from a select few services
     DropBox
     Google Drive
     Personal Web Storage
    o Links will only be accepted in a downloadable format, no streaming links allowed.
    o All entry format rules listed in this document must still be adhered to.

    • FTP
    o FTP is no longer a preferred method of submission.
    o FTP will be provided for entrants unable to use the Online Link submission type. It is offered as legacy.
    o FTP must be specifically requested, via form, located in the entry status page for each entry needing FTP submission.
    o No assistance will be provided on connecting to the FTP system. If unable to use FTP please switch to Online Link or Snail-Mail submissions.

    • Snail-Mail
    o Entries may also be mailed. Send your video(s) and printed entry form(s) to:
     ATTN: Youmacon 2017
     Nathan Silverthorn
     11343 Tecumseh
     Redford, Mi, 48239
    o Please make sure to include a printed copy of your entry form with your snail-mailed entry. You can print the form off from the Entry Status Section.
    o The following media types will be accepted: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-DL, DVD+DL, Thumbdrives, Blu-Ray Disk.
     Remember that all media submitted will not be returned. Do not send us your only copy.
    o Label the disk with your name and the video title(s) on the disk
    o You may put multiple videos on a single disk.
     If your file is larger then the space available on a disk you may split the file using a program like WinRAR. Simply label the disks as 1,2,3,ect

    Any and all questions regarding the competition may be directed to the coordinator at youmafatsubmit [AT] gmail [DOT] com
  3. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    The following entries are finalists in this year's competition:

    007 Exhibition WWJD?
    008 Exhibition Numinous
    011 Exhibition Klassik Television
    015 Exhibition Dio's Memestravaganza
    021 Exhibition A Multifaceted Romance
    029 Exhibition Behind the Wall
    031 Exhibition Only Human
    032 Exhibition Pete's Dragon Maid
    033 Exhibition Psycho
    035 Exhibition Diebuster: A Gainax Story
    037 Exhibition Tsundere Love Story
    038 Exhibition Tiny Tasties
    039 Exhibition La Vida Madoka
    041 Exhibition Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV
    042 Exhibition Spiralwalker
    049 Exhibition Make It Up
    058 Exhibition Diegesis
    059 Exhibition Defying Entropy
    060 Exhibition Maiming Something Beautiful
    061 Exhibition D'awwww Wagon
    062 Exhibition Infectious Affections
    063 Exhibition SuperBat Z
    065 Exhibition Super Jiggy Bros
    067 Exhibition Yuri on Ice!!! The Honest Trailer Redband
    070 Exhibition The Salt Bae Ultimate Grinder Service
    071 Exhibition The Greatest Evil Hero
    072 Exhibition Heavy Metal Friends
    073 Exhibition Come Sail Away
    074 Exhibition A Better Place
    075 Exhibition Letting Go
    076 Exhibition Top Gun - Macross Plus Edition
    077 Exhibition Saving the World
    078 Exhibition You're The Best
    079 Exhibition Anime MasterChef
    082 Exhibition Golden Days
    083 Exhibition Hey Nonny Nonny
    084 Exhibition Epiphany
    085 Exhibition No Limits
    087 Exhibition Unsatisfied
    088 Exhibition Delusions of Grandeur
    091 Exhibition Money$hot
    092 Exhibition Devoid
    093 Exhibition Deeznutz 2
    094 Exhibition Combat Harness
    096 Exhibition 32 Degree Symphony
    097 Exhibition Gloria Fortis Miles
    098 Exhibition City of Gold
    099 Exhibition (The Right to) Bare Arms
    100 Exhibition Modern Marvels
    102 Exhibition Stranger Impact 2
    103 Exhibition Samurai Wil
    104 Exhibition Dragon Maids
    106 Exhibition Muse-ic
    108 Exhibition Playing Dead
    110 Exhibition Reveille
    121 Exhibition Falling Stars
    122 Exhibition Halharl Aihtikak
    123 Exhibition Phantom Feeling
    124 Exhibition Kyuzoo
    125 Exhibition Timeless
    127 Exhibition That One Small Thing
    129 Exhibition Linkin Park DBZ

    The following entries will be moved to the carded adult only showing:

    134 Exhibition New Level!
    064 Exhibition Rising Thermometers
    112 Exhibition Chimera
    101 Exhibition Goop Troop
    111 Exhibition Blood Oath
    119 Exhibition thirsty
    036 Exhibition Suk a Big Dik
    068 Exhibition Fight for Change

    All entries that did not make it into the competition showing will be shown during our overflow block.
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  4. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Sorry for the delay on combining our live tweeting and streaming of the award ceremony in this post. This year's award winners are below.

    125 - Exhibition - Timeless - hamstar138 - Right in the Nostalgia
    091 - Exhibition - Money$hot - MycathatesyouAMV - The Weirdest Boner Award
    032 - Exhibition - Pete's Dragon Maid - Joseph Klemm - Whuh Waw Waw Wah Award
    098 - Exhibition - City of Gold - Roder4Z - The Gold Star Award
    041 - Exhibition - Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV - shorisquared - Detroit, it's better then boston
    063 - Exhibition - SuperBat Z - drewaconclusion - I Ain't Even Mad
    008 - Exhibition - Numinous - MrNosec - We get it you vape
    007 - Exhibition - WWJD? - Studio Hawk - Lag so bad I respawned in 3 days rather then 3 mins
    061 - Exhibition - D'awwww Wagon - drewaconclusion - I see what you did there
    079 - Exhibition - Anime MasterChef - AntaresHeart07 - Come on down with me to flavor town
    084 - Exhibition - Epiphany - UnluckyArtist - is that your phone or mine?
    093 - Exhibition - Deeznutz 2 - MycathatesyouAMV - Duke Nukem's BALLS OF STEEL Award
    102 - Exhibition - Stranger Impact 2 - King Redeem - The Netflix and Chill Award
    119 - Exhibition - thirsty - MadMegatax - Suck it polar bears!
    123 - Exhibition - Phantom Feeling - MrShmucker - CRAM IT INMATE
    011 - Exhibition - Klassik Television - Phlashbak - BSOD award
    015 - Exhibition - Dio's Memestravaganza - PaNTSU oF d00m - The Don't Let your Meme's Be Dreams Award!
    019 - Exhibition - Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do - John Pabian - The You Got Me Good John Award
    037 - Exhibition - Tsundere Love Story - shorisquared - The Greatest love story ever told
    067 - Exhibition - Yuri on Ice!!! The Honest Trailer Redband - Maboroshi Studio - The Damn It Joe Award!
    104 - Exhibition - Dragon Maids - King Redeem - The Dragoon Award
    111 - Exhibition - Blood Oath - Cenit - Canada is Back! With a Vengeance!
    112 - Exhibition - Chimera - Cenit - Quentin Tarnino Award
    122 - Exhibition - Halharl Aihtikak - MrShmucker - Mikey Really Liked It
    101 - Exhibition - Goop Troop - King Redeem - Best Adult Video
    081 - Staff - Vicissitude - ngsilver - Best Staff
    126 - Exhibition - The Heart - Dexter - Best in Show

    Sorry for the delay on this one. The normal listing of entries, winners, ect with links and info can be found here:
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  5. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Quick note that while the rules are now available, entries are currently not being accepted. There is some more testing that needs to be done to ensure the database continues to work as expected after the web host move and that may take another week or so, but wanted to get the rules out there at least.
  6. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Submissions are now open. We have verified that the system is running as expected on the new server, including the email update features. Please note that as this is a new server you may find emails from the system in your spam folder so please keep that in mind. As always you can check your entry status right on the system rather then waiting on an email receipt from the system.
  7. I'll have to submit some stuff this year, as it looks like I might actual go to Youmacon this year thanks to a friend who moved out there offering to pay for me to come out. Maybe once I get my videos for NDK done I'll send a few of them your way and maybe see if I can make a new video to send too.
  8. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Quick update. Earlier this week I switched web hosts and as such also email hosting as well (it was time to move away from godaddy as well as MS Azure as I'm loosing my free access soon.) This caused a few issues with the entry system and basically broke email functions all together. I also noticed that email features from the site had been having issues for some time after someone let me know they didn't receive the verification email when creating an account. All issues related to this have been fixed and from my testing email is flowing as normal now with all status updates and what not.

    Please keep in mind that this is a new host and as such there may be issues with you receiving email directly to your spam folder. I've done what I can to ensure that all proper DNS records are in place and updated accordingly to help mitigate that but it could still happen so please check there. If you have any issues creating an account or receiving email please let me know at support [at] ngsilver [dot] com and I will do my best to resolve your issues.

    Thanks for your patience and I can't wait to see what ya'll have for us this year!
  9. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    I apologize for late responses, as some of you may know I got married this month and most of the time leading up to and after has been spent dealing with the odds and ends of planning your own wedding as well as transitioning into a new job. Considering convention/contest dates seems like poor planning on our part but we had to go with the dates available to us.

    Either way all currently submitted entries have been processed and you should have received emails regarding them. Please note anyone who has attempted to create a new account with the system and did not receive an authorization code via email please contact me via PM or email youmafatsubmit [at] , provide your user ID and a screenshot of any error will help. I will work to resolve these issues ASAP. Please note that hotmail seems to continue to not deliver messages to peoples inboxes from us, there is nothing we can do about that as it is all on hotmail and not on our end, we suggest using a different email provider.

    As for awards, no, they have not all been shipped out yet. Going along with the first topic of this post everything convention/contest related basically fell to the backburner cuz' wedding. We do plan to get the rest of last year's awards shipped out (I would deliver personally at AWA if I was able to this year as I have in years past) soon. I cannot say when specifically but this is on our docket of things to work through in the coming week(s). As for any outstanding awards that have not been shipped or delivered personally we are working on obtaining funds to ship those (I'm actually fronting the bill for last years awards because I'm sick of waiting and they are too awesome to keep in a box in my basement.) We hope to have these issues rectified this year but if you would like a full explanation, more details, or would offer to cover the costs to ship your awards yourself hit me up directly via PM, discord, ect and I will be happy to work with you.

    With that all out of the way we are little over a week away from our deadline of October 6th! Looking forward to seeing all the awesome entries this year!
  10. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Deadline clarification. Today is the last day to submit an entry. Entry submissions will be shut down at 12:01am on Oct 7th (about 23 hours from this posting). However web link submissions will still be allowed to be sent in through the weekend as I will be out of town (in Canada) and it's normal procedure at this point. As long as you put in your upload link request and the system shows the link in your entry status you are fine (if the feature to put a link in doesn't exist you waited too long.) Rule of thumb, get your link in by the end of Saturday.

    I will still be allowing for re-submission if there is an issue with an entry as usual. Timeframe for the fixed video to be sent in will be Tuesday. You will be contacted via the system when your status is updated informing you that you are eligible to re-submit if it is available.

    Little known fact, need an extra few days to finish editing... send in a broken mp4 file that doesn't meet the rules... get a few extra days to edit... profit!
  11. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Quick Entry Status Rundown:

    Un-viewed - I haven't looked at or done anything with your submission yet
    Entry form received - I've seen your entry, but haven't gotten your video yet
    Video Received - I've gotten your video
    Video Checked - Video has been received and passed 1st round QC. Entries in this stage will compete with the judges who have final QC Check say and may still DQ entries. Check your coordinator notes to see if anything can be changed to resolve this potential problem with your entry
    Problems Found - Your entry did not pass 1st round QC. There is a problem. You need to fix and re-submit.

    The following 2 status are related to convention showings:

    Video Accepted - Entry has been selected to be shown at the convention. This does not mean it has won an award.
    Accepted for Overflow - Entry is not part of the convention showing. This does not mean it has not won an award. This also does not mean it wont be shown at any point during the convention.
  12. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    All entries submitted to this point have been QC'ed and status updated. The entry system will no longer allow entries to be submitted but you still have time to submit a re-submission or your original submission via web-link.
  13. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    We have officially entered the re-submission period. I have updated the status of all entries submitted. Please check and ensure you received the email or have checked the system for your entry status. Those that had issues with their entries are able to re-submit a corrected version. The deadline to resubmit will be 12:01am EDT on Oct 11th. You will only have 1 chance and all re-submissions need to be sent in to us by that time as that is when we will turn off the web link submission system.

    I cannot offer any extensions on submissions this year as we are butting up against our first judging session with the re-submission period. Those that missed the submission window feel free to save your entries for next year as we will be accepting entries as early as May. For those of you who did get your entries in thanks and we look forward to see what ya'll came up with this year!
  14. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Re-submission is now over. All status updates have been sent out. Thanks for entering everyone and those that missed the deadline better luck next year. Judging will be taking place over the next few weeks. We will be posting the results of the at-con viewing selection at least the week of the convention if not sooner depending on when we have the results.

    More info on streams, showtimes, ect will be posted closer to the convention when we have a firm grasp on all of the details.
  15. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Finalists have been posted!
  16. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

  17. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

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