Youmacon 2019 Fan Art Theater Competition - Deadline Oct 4th

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    Youmacon 2019 Fan Art Theater Competition

    Please read through all the rules before entering!

    Entry Requirements:

    • All videos must be in the hands of the Contest Coordinator by October 5th, 2019. You have until 11:59PM on Oct 4th to get your video(s) in. (all times Eastern)
    • Submission formats have different deadlines, as outlined below:
      • Snail-Mail
        • Snail-Mail Submissions will stop being accepted after Sept 27th, 2019.
      • Online Link
        • Online Link Submissions will stop being accepted after Oct 4th, 2019. Online Link Accepting will be closed at 11:59 PM on Oct 4th, 2019.
    • There is no set limit to the number of entries per creator that can be submitted to the contest.
      • Total Length for all videos submitted per creator must not exceed 15 mins.
        • This means we will accept 30 30 sec videos, 1 15 min video, or any mixture in-between.
    • Videos that have been submitted to a previous Youmacon Competition will not be eligible to compete.
    • Multi-editor videos are also accepted. When filling out the entry form please supply information for the other members in the comments field.
      • Each collection of editors in a multi-editor video will be considered a different set of entrants and will not contribute to the maximum length for each individual editor. As such it is important to include your contributors in the comments field in the entry form.
    • Entries may not contain bumpers, title screens, MTV style credits, or any other form of identification. We will be creating our own uniform bumpers and to ensure the quality of all entries are maintained we will not remove them for you.
      • This rule may be overlooked if such identification is done creatively in a way that can not be easily removed. However this, like all other rules, is left to the coordinators and judge’s discretion.
    • All videos must be a minimum of 30 seconds long.
    • The maximum length for videos submitted must not go over the allotted 15 mins available per creator.
    • By submitting your video(s) to this contest you authorize us to screen and distribute it under the Youmacon Fan Art Theater Competition Title. All physical media (CD-R, DVD-R, Thumb drive, ect) submitted becomes the property of Youmacon Enterprises/Defying Conventions and will not be returned.
    • There are no content requirements for this contest. Your videos may contain any type of footage you see fit to use, provided it doesn’t fall into one of the categories for disqualification.
      • The allowable footage types include but is not limited to the following:
        • Anime
        • Manga
        • Live Action
        • My Little Pony
        • Non-Japanese Cartoons
        • Video Games

    • Entries may be disqualified for the following reasons:
      • Bad audio or video quality
      • Subtitled footage
      • Failure to adhere to submission rules
      • Lack of entry form
      • Any reason Youmacon Fan Art Theater Staff deems necessary.
        • If you are unsure if your video would be disqualified due to the above rule e-mail the contest coordinator and we can view the content of your video and make a decision.

    • Exceptions to the rules will be made on a video-by-video basis.

    Entry Format:

    · Entries will ONLY be accepted in the following formats:

    o AVI




    o MPEG-2

    o H.264 / x.264 (preferred)

    § .mp4 files ONLY

    o HEVC

    · The following containers, formats and codecs will NOT be accepted:

    o Videotape (VHS or Betamax)

    o Authored DVD (If it plays like a DVD in a DVD Player)

    o WMV

    o RM

    o MOV

    o MKV

    o OGG

    o Xvid

    o Divx

    o DV

    o Any other item not listed in the accepted list above

    · For optimum viewing at con, all videos should include at least 1 second of black space before and after the video.

    · Digital Video File format specifications:

    o Videos will be played on a large projection screen. As such, high quality will be expected. For the best results submitting a video that has at least a 640x480 resolution is required (or 640x352 if you are working with widescreen footage.) Submitting videos smaller then this (including using source smaller then this) will degrade the visual quality of the video, which may lead to disqualification.

    o We will no longer accept videos submitted interlaced. All videos MUST be progressive.

    o As letterboxing and pillarboxing will degrade the final viewing size at the convention, we no longer will allow for videos to be submitted with letterboxing or pillar boxing. All videos MUST be submitted in their native aspect ratio.

    § If your video contains black bars at the top/bottom or sides, this means you have letterboxing/pillarboxing in your video.

    · We gladly accept HD videos. Our setup at the convention will be able to display videos at least at 720p quality with the possibility to display higher resolutions.

    o If you plan to submit an HD video please keep in mind that the better the codec you use the better the final quality will be. HD videos should not be sent in using mpeg2, we recommend h.264/x.264 for this.

    Contest Information:

    · The contest will be shown either via a computer directly to the projector or via an authored DVD if such a need arises. Those of you submitting via MPEG2 will benefit from following the DVD specifications outlined:

    · All videos not disqualified will compete.

    · Information on showings in rooms other than the Fan Art Theater will be announced when they are figured out.

    · Due to the amount of entries submitted and time permitted for showing entries we may not be able to show every video submitted during the course of the convention. We will allow for creators to request specific videos of their own during showing blocks in order to see their entries up on the big screen, but cannot guarantee that any of a creator’s videos submitted to us will be shown during the convention.

    · Judging and Awards will be handled drastically different this year due to the above change in viewing at the convention. Please see the full explanation, ala the GroceryStorePhobic Rule, here: Youmacon_2019_How_Awards_and_Judging_is_Handled

    · You do not need to be present to win. However the fastest means of receiving your award will be to either be present or have a proxy at the con to pick your award(s) up for you.

    o If you will have a proxy at the con to accept your award(s) send an email to the contest coordinator with the name of your proxy.

    o The convention will mail out awards after the con to those who did not pick them up at con. The timeframe these will be sent is entirely based on availability of funds for shipping by the convention and may take up to a few months.

    § The convention regrets to inform you that this courtesy can only be extended to entrants in the United States. All international entrants will need to make arrangements with the coordinator in order to receive their award(s).

    · Due to the nature of the competition and the sheer breadth of video types able to be submitted we are no longer following a category submission system. That is to say there are no longer categories, but instead all videos submitted to the competition will compete against each other in order to obtain awards decided upon via our judges/attendees in accordance with the Dexter Rule.

    · You may submit entries to the following competitions/categories:

    o Other

    § This category is strictly for use by panelists who need to submit their videos to the con for viewing. Only to be used if asked by the coordinator.

    o Staff

    § If you are Youmacon staff this is the only competition you are allowed to compete in. This is for pure bragging rights amongst staff, Adult submissions excluded however.

    o Exhibition

    § All videos submitted to the contest that do not fall into the other competitions above will fall into this one. The mass majority of entries will fall into this category.

    · Adult Entries

    o Adult Entries are now allowed as part of the normal competition

    o We have done away with the separate adult video competition, instead all adult videos submitted to the competition will compete with all other videos for the same pool of awards.

    o Adult entries may contain any source material. We will not accept amateur porn or voyeuristic videos as valid entries. Also keep in mind all applicable laws for your state/province as well as local Michigan/Detroit laws when submitting entries. We WILL NOT accept any videos that break these laws.

    o Adult material will be defined as pornographic, ultra violent, sick, nasty, utterly wrong, and anything considered unable to be shown during the standard convention viewing.

    o While adult entries will compete with all other entries, they will only be shown during a specific carded event at the convention.

    o All entrants who submit an adult entry must be 18 years of age or older.

    Entry Submissions:

    · Due to technical difficulties we will not be utilizing the Entry Database from previous years. Submissions will be taken via a google form here:

    · Online link submissions

    o This year we will only be accepting entries via online links.

    o The entry submission form will have a spot to enter your link for submission.

    o Links will only be accepted from a select few services

    § DropBox

    § Google Drive

    § Personal Web Storage

    o Links will only be accepted in a downloadable format, no streaming links allowed.

    o All entry format rules listed in this document must still be adhered to.

    Any and all questions regarding the competition may be directed to the coordinator at youmafatsubmit [AT] gmail [DOT] com
  3. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    I am going through and doing basic verification on all entries submitted this week. Be on the lookout for emails alerting you to status changes to your entries if there are issues as early as tomorrow (Monday) evening!

    You can also check the status of your entry(s) here as well:

    Remember that the deadline is such that your entries need to be in our hands by 11:59pm EDT on October 11th! This extension is due to scheduling changes with our judging sessions and cannot be extended any further!

    Thanks for getting your entries in early and for those still working on entries just for us you have a few extra days.
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    I only made it to overflow. Wish we were sent the actual scores (at least by email) so we can get a better idea of what areas we need to work on improving.

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