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    Hmm well seen so much anime, but I do have a few ultimate favourites (there are some more than put on here, but trying to narrow it down):
    Wolf's Rain - First anime I ever saw, will forever hold a place in my heart, despite ripping it apart and stamping on it with that painful, death-filled conclusion
    Black Lagoon - My first pure action anime, and the first anime I actually enjoyed the dub of, due to the many accents which are lost in the Japanese version
    Monster - One of the best detective/realistic drama/serial killer based animes I have seen. I long to one day make an AMV using it
    From the New World - Loved the mystery, the gradual reveals and sinister undertones to a place that initially seemed ordinary. The slow burn descent into chaos is one of the best I have seen in the anime world
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (All of them, including the parts yet to be adapted) - Because Jojo. Need I say more?
    Freedom - Lesser known sc-ifi anime by the creator of Akira. Better than Akira in my own view, as has much more developed characters and story that doesn't just end abruptly (seriously, read the Akira manga, the film cut off right at the beginning of everything)
    RAINBOW - Possibly my favourite drama anime. So many feels, and yet still manages satisfying endings for every character that doesn't feel too gimmicky or unrealistic
    Parasyte - Favourite horror manga got amazing anime adaptation. Dreams were made
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    Steven Unvierse is an anime right? No? ok fine.

    I'm going to be boring and steins;gate, but it's been a while so my tastes may have changed. Perhaps it's time to revisit it.
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    Steins;Gate is awesome, I need to watch that again.
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    1. Gurren Lagann
    2. Samurai Champloo
    3. Major
    4. Code Geass
    5. Air Gear
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    Yes, yes it is. I recommend reading manga too. Manga is good and longer.

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